Webinar | Coding Strategies, Inc.
Thursday, June 8th, 2017 (1pm EST)

Over the past 5 years, physician supervision of radiology services has been an issue in numerous Federal investigations. Some organizations have agreed to multi-million dollar settlements due to their failure to provide proper supervision. In this webinar, industry experts Melody Mulaik and Karna Morrow will help you identify the supervision-related risk areas in your organization so that you can avoid investigations and penalties.

You’ll learn the following, and more:

  • What types of supervision Medicare recognizes
  • How supervision requirements vary depending on the setting
  • How to determine what level of supervision a particular procedure requires
  • Who can provide physician supervision
  • What requirements apply to services performed by radiology practitioner assistants (RPAs) and other midlevel professionals
  • What supervision requirements apply to radiology residents
  • Which specific aspects of supervision have been at issue in recent settlements
  • How to “audit-proof” your documentation of physician supervision

Don’t miss this opportunity to get the information you need to protect your organization!